Intermediate & Advanced:                  Mon. - Thurs.                      $150 MONTH

This class is for our Pre-Team USA Levels 3-9               6p - 8pm                    $35 annual registration fee (June-June)

 This is a developmental program designed for a group of talented young gymnast who show potential for competitive gymnastics. In this group we will work on skill progressions, advanced skills, strength conditioning and flexability. Each gymnast will be periodically evaluated, and when appropriate will be invited to join our competitive gymnastics team.

      Whether your child is a beginner in the sport or more advanced, we at Gionastics Gymnastics have a program just for you and our well trained instructors will teach to your child's ability and potential.



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Pre-Beginners:                        Tuesday & Thursday                             $80 MONTH

                                                        5:15pm - 6:00pm                                  $35 annual registration fee

This class is for the little gymnast who already has some school experience. With the influence of positive reinforcement, children are afforded appropriate challenges which prepare them for physically and mentally for the next class level. This class helps children take that big step towards independence. With encouragement from skilled instructors, the children face physical challenges which give them stronger bodies and sharper minds.


413 Ruben Torres Blvd. Suite 7

Brownsville Tx. 78521

Beginners:                Mon. & Wed. 5pm -6pm  OR                                  $100 MONTH

                                   Tues. & Thurs. 6pm - 7pm                       $35 annual registration fee (June-June)

This class will work on skills progressions, advance skills, strength, conditioning and flexibility. The children will use vault, beam, bars and floor.

Power Tumbling:       Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday                        $100 MONTH

                                                    7pm - 8pm                                   $35 annual registration fee (June-June)

This class is for cheerleaders and gymnast that have mastered the art of power tumbling with explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists. When performed, demonstrates speed, strength and skill while executing a series of acrobatic maneuvers. Beginner level also welcomed.

Competitive Team:                                  Mon. - Thurs.                            $200 MONTH

This class is for our Pre-Team USA Levels 3-9           5pm - 8pm                    $35 annual registration fee(June-June)